A fight for Wikidot, and all of creepypasta collaborative worldbuilding fiction! Starring your favorite chumps:

Who will live? Who will die? Only the stability of the platform will tell.

This is not a collaborative worldbuilding fiction wiki, and as such is not meant to be taken seriously. None of the opinions or motives that are expressed in any of the works featured here are not the author's personal opinion, and they as well as this entire wiki and franchise only exist for a meme. Nothing here is meant to be taken seriously. Like, at all.

As such, the intent of Infinity Wiki is not to incinuate drama amongst the websites featured in them. It is simply a non-meta crossover between the universes. I wish anyone in any of these wikis the best of luck in their future efforts as a writer and as a person.


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  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Don't harass any members.
  3. Don't raid the wikis involved. Treat them equally.
  4. No pornography or excessive gore. All of it will be removed.
  5. Vandalizing pages will result in an immediate ban.
  6. Have fun.


You ever heard of exquisite corpse? Yeah, that's it, just with shitposts. What happens is; one person writes a story, and another person writes a sequel/prequel like that. It's a never-ending loop.


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